Placement Process


Ranger's ultimate goal is to custom match a career path to each IT
professional that is rewarding on a personal, professional and financial level

Placement Process

Becoming a Ranger Candidate

Ranger’s approach to client relations is simple. We provide services for two types of clients – business partners and IT professionals.  No service or solution can be delivered without the most important component – our people.

Ranger’s focus on building a partnership with each IT professional is a critical part of the placement process and considered to be our corporate responsibility as an integral business partner in the IT community. Ranger’s comprehensive recruiting and screening process is one of the most effective in the industry.  From the first point of contact, we develop a relationship with candidates, taking the time to fully understand personal and career preferences, marketable skills, strengths, career experiences, and personality.  The ultimate goal is to custom match a career path that is rewarding on a personal, professional, and financial level for our candidates.

Our process focuses on providing feedback and advice from our clients and candidates during every step of the evaluation cycle.  At the beginning of each cycle, we will provide the candidate with the specific role requirements, client profile, and organizational culture. In order to ensure that the candidate’s interview with the client goes as well as possible, we coach the candidate, providing details about the interviewer and a detailed review of the role.

After the client interview, we capture feedback from both candidate and the client. This enables us to identify and address any areas of concern with both parties. If it is determined that the candidate is not a match for a specific client opportunity, we provide complete and honest feedback. Our partnership with candidates does not end with a specific opportunity. We continue to work with these professionals to identify alternative opportunities and provide continued career development advice, as required.

For both direct hire and contracting opportunities, we will manage the salary or rate negotiation process on the candidate’s behalf in an honest and professional manner. Once negotiations are complete and the candidate has started in the new role, we will stay in touch with the candidate and the client to monitor the transition and ensure the highest level of satisfaction. 

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