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Enterprise Systems Implementation

Ranger’s Enterprise Systems Implementation services are designed to provide planning, assessment, requirements definition, software selection, integration, and ongoing support and training for systems that are critical to an organization’s operation. As consumerism continues to drive IT, sound architecture and scalable enterprise systems implementations are required to allow for the functional presence of service-oriented architecture (SOA), cloud and virtualization, portal and eCommerce environments.

Ranger’s Enterprise Systems Implementation practice provides the following services:

Enterprise Architecture & Integration

Ranger can provide the expertise to build the right systems architecture for your business. With our methodology, we baseline your architecture’s current and desired maturity levels, design the end state architecture, and roadmap the detailed plan necessary to execute a seamless transition. Our consulting team builds solutions that support your business, whether you are implementing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) or integrating disparate systems and databases.

Enterprise System Selection

As the demand cycle from business to technology implementation continues to accelerate, it is critical that organizations make the optimal decisions with their technology investments that are in line with relevant business cycles. In many cases, the need for new technologies is being dictated by market and customer acquisition requirements with small windows of opportunity.

Ranger’s world-class project management and organizational change management capabilities form the cornerstone our enterprise system selection services addressing the key steps towards acquiring the right business-enabling technology:

  • Functional/Technical Requirements Definition
  • Market Review/Systems Universe Definition
  • RFP/Functionality Matrix Creation
  • Vendor Scorecard/Evaluation
  • Demonstration/Reference Verification
  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis
  • Vendor Selection

Enterprise System Upgrades

As organizations adapt to dynamic business environments and leverage the newest technology platforms, system upgrades are increasingly becoming a necessity for future scalability and maintainability. Additionally, increased system integration for organization and customer functionality as well as user-interfaces (software and hardware) necessitates a methodical migration path. Because customers are often less flexible, a well-managed transition to the new environment is critical.

Ranger’s approach to system upgrades is based on sound project management principles and encompasses four phases for a successful upgrade: Assessment, Roadmap, System Upgrade, and Organizational Transition.

eCommerce Development

Within eCommerce, the boundaries between technology and business do not exist. Enterprises must continuously assess business models, operational processes and IT infrastructures within the context of each other. Recognizing these issues, Ranger provides customized solutions that enable clients to address the following areas to achieve eCommerce success:

  • create, evaluate and execute an eCommerce plan in the context of the client's business, technology, market position, and competitive environment;
  • assess and redefine core business processes to support new transition models;
  • develop eMarketing strategies, including Social Media, SEO, promotions, Google analytics and communications strategies;
  • design and engineer web sites or intranets;
  • create user interface design, audience mapping, UX specifications (Wireframes), navigation and visual design;
  • integrate third party systems with eCommerce platforms and back-office tools and systems; and,
  • host and develop clients' eCommerce applications with rapid response and metrics-oriented service.

SharePoint Implementation

SharePoint is now used in every Fortune 500 company in the U.S., and is gaining market acceptance as an extremely robust and versatile collaboration platform. As demand for SharePoint services builds, it is critical that clients recognize the complexity of SharePoint development and seek out qualified consulting partners who can help realize the full potential of their SharePoint strategy in order to ensure long-term success.

Ranger's SharePoint practice includes a full range of services, including:

  • Solution consulting, system architecture and design
  • Web parts development and customization
  • SharePoint integration with enterprise applications
  • SharePoint 2007 to 2010 version upgrade
  • Reporting and business intelligence
  • Project Server, FAST Search and workflow
  • User training, administration, and maintenance

The flexibility, extensibility, and user-friendly functionality make SharePoint the logical choice for many businesses when addressing their collaboration, content management, digital PMO and business intelligence needs. Ranger's SharePoint practice possesses formidable software architecture, development, design, and administration capabilities, and deploys teams comprising experienced project managers, business analysts, team leads, and testers with strong technical backgrounds.

SharePoint is a powerful and diverse application that helps organizations increase productivity, lower costs and quickly respond to business needs. As your organization relies on SharePoint to manage more of its business-critical processes and workflows, Ranger can assist with reliable SharePoint hosting capabilities, in order to keep your environment performing optimally.

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