IT & Network Infrastructure


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IT & Network Infrastructure

Ranger's IT and Network Infrastructure Practice delivers intelligent, end-to-end solutions that allow organizations – regardless of their size – to support their business objectives and manage IT investments.  Through alliances with the leaders in the industry such as Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Dell and others, we leverage emerging advances in wireless, IP convergence, security, and intelligent networking to deliver best-of-breed solutions.

Ranger conducts comprehensive assessments (analyze existing networks, protocols, wired and wireless configurations, and develop blueprints, etc.) to identify performance, interoperability and connectivity requirements in order to ensure ease of use.  Additionally, we provide implementation planning, logical and physical network design, rapid deployment and network rollouts, product installation and customization, as well as operational services for network and cabling infrastructures.  We help businesses securely converge data, enable intelligent network infrastructures, and deploy mobility solutions by exploiting technologies such as virtual private networking (VPN), fiber optic networking, content delivery networks, storage networking, and wireless.

The cornerstone of our strategy is to:

  • enable and protect our client's data networks by providing optimal and highly available infrastructure;
  • provide a "vendor neutral" approach and the ability to build solutions aligned with diverse sets of business requirements;
  • deliver expertise and certifications around "best-in-class" technologies; and,
  • ensure governmental compliance and core competencies which span from professional services to outsourcing management.

Network Infrastructure Offerings

  • Core Routing and Switching -  LAN/WAN Design and Implementation, Data Center Specific Networking
  • Wireless LAN/WAN -  Site Surveys, WLAN-Specific Architecture, Design & Implementation
  • Advanced Network Solutions - Enterprise DNS/DHCP,  Network Resource Load Balancing,  Content Delivery,  MPLS,  IP Quality of Service,  IP Multicast,  Advanced Routing Technologies
  • Hosting and Managed Services - Web and MSFT Exchange, SharePoint, Custom Dev/Test/Prod Server Environments, Managed Firewalls
  • Information Security - User Access Control,  Packet Monitoring, Intrusion Detection,  Define Security Protocols

Network Infrastructure Benefits

Most internal network teams face a steep learning curve as they begin to deploy advanced network technologies. Ranger network infrastructure consultants are 100% focused on designing and implementing client centric networks.

  • We have worked on hundreds of networks and bring extensive infrastructure experience.
  • We lead the industry with deployment expertise for advanced network technologies.
  • We employ strong project management and service delivery methodologies to ensure a successful outcome.

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