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Project/Program Management

Regardless of a project's scale, complexity and duration, effective project management is critical for success.  The most successful projects are led by an experienced project manager and encompass executive management involvement, comprehensive planning, clearly defined requirements, seamless execution, and enterprise-wide risk controls.  At Ranger, we believe that project management is leadership through the application of proven management techniques to successfully structure and complete projects.

Discover Effective Project and Program Management Solutions

With our experienced professionals working alongside your project team, Ranger provides the required management skills to champion an environment for team success.  We work closely with you to understand and support your management structure and the business strategy behind your projects, while working within your operational, technical, and cultural environments.

Utilize Our Proven, Adaptable Approach

Our project management methodology involves a process of visible, repeatable, predictable and measurable activities designed for planning and implementing projects for any organization. 

Ranger's flexible approach allows us to work within your established methodology, if desired, or recommend another methodology. Our methods are based on these characteristics:

  • Defined project charter - We clearly define the project scope, both in terms of what is required and how the work will be completed. We also identify the project deliverables and hold ourselves accountable for the timely completion of deliverables.
  • Dedicated executive management involvement - We ensure that our client executive management team fully supports the projects and are involved in key decision-making activities.
  • Complete project planning - Ranger develops comprehensive work plans and staffing requirements that meet your project needs. These tools are updated throughout the project and are available to the client's management team for review at any time.
  • Established change control discipline - We establish a project change control process to account for and report project changes. This information is part of our standard project documentation and part of our communication to senior management at your organization.
  • Defined stakeholder roles and responsibilities - Ranger clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of all project stakeholders including: client team members, client management and executive management, vendors, suppliers and Ranger team members and management.
  • Realistic project budgets and timelines - Ranger establishes realistic time tables based on system and human resources, budgetary constraints, and project deliverables.
  • Avoiding project failure through risk mitigation - We know that all projects experience problems. We help you identify and track project issues, and work with you to mitigate or resolve the issues effectively and economically.
  • Manage stakeholder expectations - We work closely with all your project stakeholders to manage expectations and frequently communicate results. We also conduct regular project status updates to keep the stakeholders informed of project milestones and timelines.

Experience Effective Project Leadership

Ranger's project managers have experience leading a wide variety of projects, and can effectively manage even the most challenging issues.  By ensuring that key elements of projects are clearly defined and effectively managed, our consultants continuously maintain high levels of quality and productivity while minimizing levels of risk and uncertainty.

Project management involves more than managing workstreams, activities, issues, and resources.  It requires the establishment of mutual relationships based on trust and respect, along with the effective application of standardized processes and approaches.

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