Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development

At Ranger, our knowledge of mobile trends helps our clients plan the most cost-effective entry into the mobile market. Whether you’re targeting age groups, industries, or individual users, we’ll help you tailor your strategy to connect with your audience. We build out the critical framework for your product before writing a single line of code. Our approach provides both teams with a clear understanding of project requirements, aligns our vision, and prepares us for an efficient, effective delivery process.

Mobile Strategy

The ideal mobile strategy targets users on every channel, but a blanket approach isn’t always a logical choice. We identify strategic channels for your business by weighing mobile demographics against the cost and benefits of each.

Ranger provides the following services to help clients define their mobile strategy:

  • Roadmap Consulting
  • Platform Targeting
  • Product Development/POC
  • Marketing & Analytics

Mobile Design

Design is as much about function, interaction, and driving engagement as it is making things visually appealing. We leverage visual design, user research, and interaction design skills to create apps that are not only visually stunning, but optimized for real world scenarios. Ranger's holistic approach to design incorporates the client’s goals into every element to achieve precise user narratives. Traditional web design doesn’t work on the mobile platform, with variables such as display size and user environments reshaping the way that content needs to be presented. We help companies translate their brands to mobile without resorting to desktop habits.

Ranger provides the following mobile design services:

  • Usability Testing & Review
  • Platform-Specific Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Interaction Design

Mobile Device Solutions

Our developers help our partners leverage all kinds of functionality into the smallest of devices powered by Google Android and other JAVA-powered platforms.  With this approach Ranger helps you reach the fastest growing segment of smart phones and an explosion of new tablet devices with your big idea by wrapping it in a custom app. We work with our partners to build mobile solutions that preserve your investments in software and training while leveraging modern mobility technologies to take your business everywhere. By fashioning sites in HTML5, Ranger mobile web engineers can rival native software expectations for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry. Our developers then manipulate HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to achieve native-like mobile browsing experience.

Additionally, we assign peer reviewers to every mobile design project for high-level consultation and critiques. By keeping these resources at the fringe of the project, our designers receive advice on processes and concepts from an objective party of designers.

Ranger provides the following mobile device solutions:

  • iOS (Apple), Android, and Blackberry Development and Infrastructure Integration
  • Mobile Web Solutions
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • Server Engineering
  • Testing & Deployment