Recruiting Methodology

Recruiting Methodology

Ranger’s Recruitment Methodology is the platform by which our professionals consistently find the right people who will deliver the highest quality services our client’s expect and demand. 

Recruitment strategies used by companies and services firms have not evolved over time. The typical process includes the key steps of:

  1. understanding the resource need;
  2. determining resource requirements;
  3. sourcing, qualifying and evaluating talent; and,
  4. managing the hiring process.

Recognizing that in today’s business world, companies and professionals are able to make decisions faster than ever before, Ranger leverages the most effective recruiting channels to identify, evaluate and acquire the right talent and uses leading-edge technology to manage the entire process.  As a result of its proven recruitment methodology, Ranger has received preferred vendor recognition with each of its clients.

Ranger’s recruiters have the implemented the following approach to ensure the highest quality in the delivery of talent to our clients:

Client Discovery – understanding the client’s objectives, current business environment, technology portfolio, work culture, and future plans.

This phase includes a consultative approach to determining the best solution in meeting the client’s objectives. Our approach includes a suggested enhancement to the client’s stated role definition and a recommendation on delivery model (contract, contract-to-hire, permanent placement, managed services) based on the geographic, industry, and skill set preferences of the client.

Recruitment Planning – developing a client-driven recruitment strategy based on their specific business and technology needs.

This phase includes the recruiting assignment to a Ranger Talent Acquisition Specialist (TAS) based on the specific skills and level of the role in the client organization.  The TAS is responsible for the execution of the recruitment plan and for overall quality assurance.  Ultimately, this phase assures the client of the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.

Talent Identification – as a result of the Recruitment Plan, a strategy for leveraging the appropriate recruiting channels is identified and the recruiting process is initiated.

This phase leverages the three core ingredients to Ranger’s success in providing world-class talent acquisition services to its clients – people, process, and technology.  Our experienced Talent Acquisition Specialists know how to effectively leverage all necessary recruiting channels (referrals, business partners, networking events, social media, job fairs, etc.) as well as Ranger’s industry-leading technology platform in order to identify the best talent for the specific client need.

Talent Evaluation – after we have identified our target candidates, Ranger’s Talent Evaluation process is initiated.

This phase implements Ranger’s proven interview process which creates a comprehensive candidate profile addressing all dimensions to a successful talent match: technical skills, interpersonal skills, education, experience, and company culture match. The interview process is managed by Ranger’s Talent Acquisition Specialists and leverages industry experts to provide a thorough, additional evaluation.

Candidate Presentation – candidates who successfully complete the Talent Assessment and Evaluation phase are ranked based on our proprietary rating system and are then presented to the client in order of their overall talent match score. 

This phase results in a high degree of confidence that the professionals we present to the client are an excellent fit for their needs.  In line with client expectations, the candidates presented for their evaluation is a “short list” of top talent, which ultimately reduces the amount of time the client spends interviewing potential candidates.

Acquisition and Negotiation – candidates who are selected by the client are often considering multiple opportunities, a fact which emphasizes the importance of Ranger’s approach in aligning candidate and client expectations. 

Based on the type of position (contract, direct hire), the Talent Acquisition Specialist identifies all key offer components for both the client and candidate. Assuming both parties want to move forward, Ranger facilitates two-way communication so that all contingent issues or questions are addressed and resolved.

Placement and Support – the transition process from candidate to client resource is managed by Ranger’s Talent Acquisition Specialists and Account Managers to ensure a smooth assimilation into the client environment. 

This phase marks the completion of the talent acquisition process, but also initiates an on-going quality assurance cycle that forms the basis of Ranger’s successful partnership with its clients and IT professionals.  Ranger provides oversight, facilitates feedback and communication checkpoints, and continues to foster a team environment between client, candidate and the Ranger organization.